Vegetable oils and proteins:
a vast field of possibilities




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Environmental labelling of food products: where do we stand?

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Composition and Properties of Vegetable Oils

We are deeply committed!

For a healthier world and eco-friendly
For a more competitive industry from upstream to downstream

We respond to society's expectations of a sustainable, healthy economic development,
with a reduced impact on the environment.

Through a team of experts, efficient facilities and services
we bring to companies.

In our company film, Denis CHEREAU explains our ambitions around an alliance between ITERG,
SAS IMPROVE and SAS PIVERT, in the fields of Green Chemistry and Biotechnologies.

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In 2022

Tonnes of plant material processed

Analyses carried out


% of scientific and technical staff

A key player in the processing and characterization
and characterization of agri-resources

" We provide quality services to our customers
  and partners and are a force for innovative solutions.  "

Competence center, organized in a network of laboratories and technological platforms available for industry players

" We respond to societal expectations for sustainable economic development and a fair, healthy food system,  with a reduced impact on the environment. "


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ERDF grants for
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