1500759 Hydrogenation of vegetable oils INSTITUT DES CORPS GRAS (ITERG) 11 April 1975 [12 April 1974] 15002/75 Heading C5C [Also in Division B1] An unsaturated vegetable oil is treated for selective hydrogenation of polyunsaturated components in the presence of a catalyst comprising a dispersion of micrometallic (i.e. particle size 10-100 microns), ferromagnetic cobalt dispersed in a matrix of fat and formed by decomposing dicobaltoctacarbonyl in a vegetable oil (suitably the same oil as that to be hydrogenated) at elevated temperatures and under a superatmospheric pressure of hydrogen, and on completion of the hydrogenation treatment, the cobalt is separated from the hydrogenated products by the action of a magnet or electromagnet.The vegetable oil may be soya, linseed, colza, cottonseed or sunflower seed oil.An exemplified hydrogenation is the treatment of a crude soya oil containing 0À6% wt. of free fatty acids and 100 p.p.m. of phosphorus at 180-230‹ C. and a hydrogen pressure of 5-15 bars.
(From GB1500759 A)

Publication dates : 1975-10-13 /1975-10-13 /1975-10-14 / 1975-10-23 / 1975-11-06 / 1975-11-07 / 1976-02-10 / 1976-12-17 / 1977-04-01 / 1978-02-08 / 1979-01-31 / 1979-06-20 / 1980-03-24


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