The subject of the invention is catalytic processes for manufacturing saturated fatty monohydroxy acids from saturated fatty monoepoxy acids which can be obtained by epoxidation of a non-ethylenic fatty acid. – The conversion of the saturated fatty monoepoxy acid to saturated fatty monohydroxy acid is brought about by liquid-phase hydrogenolysis in the presence of a nickel catalyst under a hydrogen pressure of between 5 bars and 150 bars, preferably of the order of 50 bars, at a temperature between 125 DEG C and 175 DEG C, preferably of the order of 150 DEG C. – One application is the production of saturated fatty monohydroxy acids from a plant oil in the hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated state, which is subjected to an epoxidation of the double bond and to a hydrogenolysis according to the invention.

Publication dates : 1989-01-13 / 1989-10-27


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