Extrait de l’article paru dans Bioplastics Magazine, vol.13, 2018

The French project PolyOil2Industry aimed at the development
of a new biobased polymer based on renewable
polyol intermediates. This 4 year research project
has recently been completed. It was an inspiring collaboration
between several French industrial partners which finally
resulted in new renewable building blocks.
These green polyols needed to answer the current
demand of the different markets with new technical
performance. Three main areas of applications were
targeted in the project: building, packaging and cosmetics
with the respective companies Soprema, Vegeplast and
Polymerexpert. The project partner ITERG as well as LCPO
(the joint research unit of the University of Bordeaux,
CNRS and Bordeaux National Polytechnic Institute) have
first developed the building blocks and prepolymers on
laboratory scale, answering the specifications for each of
the targeted applications. […]

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