Outil français pour l’évaluation environnementale des produits à base d’huile végétale (ACéVOIL)

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Intervention orale de Laureen Badey, Chargée de missions Environnement & Eco-industries, au 17ème Congrès Euro Fed Lipid, 21 octobre 2019 : « French tool for the environmental assessment of vegetable oil products ».


The reduction of environmental footprint is now a strategic challenge to help keep businesses in business and improve competitiveness of food industries. Conscious of this challenge, the French vegetable oil sector provided a life cycle assessment (LCA) tool for assessing the environmental impacts of vegetable oil-based foods. The aim of this tool is to give a better understanding of the environmental impacts of products and processes used in the sector and to identify the room for environmental improvement. It can be used to validate the environmental value benefit of ecodesign initiatives as-deployed or as-designed.

The tool is called ACéVOIL, and is compliant with ISO 14040 standards (regarding LCA performing). ACéVOIL is dedicated to users and producers of vegetable oils. ACéVOIL accounts for every stage in the end-to-end commodity production and distribution process, making it possible to control and contain any pollution transfers between two distinct environmental impacts or two lifecycle stages. The users of this tool can provide information coming from his own activity data (eg energy consumption, water, etc.) or use default values. These defaults values are data coming from scientific bibliography, existing LCA databases or are the results of some ITERG’s past studies. The environmental impact indicators that can be modeled by this tool are those related to emissions of greenhouse gases, the net water consumption, marine eutrophication and aquatic ecotoxicity.

This tool is available for free on the ITERG website, in French language. This tool suits the French context, several upgrades could be envision extending the scope of ACéVOIL out to European countries.



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