Réticulation de polyesters à base d’acides gras

Lipides, Acides gras, Lipochimie

Nouvelle publication du département Lipochimie  « Cross-linking of polyesters based on fatty acids »

Auteurs : S. Dworakoxska, C. Le Coz, G. Chollet, E. Grau, H. Cramail
In: European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology, 2019


This paper aimed at obtaining cross‐linked polymeric materials of biomass origin. For this purpose one‐pot polyesterification of methyl ricinoleate and methyl 12‐hydroxystearate using titanium isopropoxide as a catalyst has been performed leading to polyesters known as estolides. The obtained estolides were successfully cross‐linked using dicumyl peroxide or a sulfur vulcanization system. The so‐formed bio‐based elastomers appeared to exhibit promising properties. The latter were analyzed by mechanical tensile tests and thermal techniques (TGA, DSC, DMA) and showed high thermal stability (T5% = 205–318 °C) and tailored physico‐mechanical properties (low glass transition temperature in the range from −69 to −54 °C) and good tensile strength (0.11–0.40 MPa). Networks prepared from high molecular weight estolides appear to be promising bio‐based elastomers.



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