Langue optoélectronique à base de silicium pour une reconnaissance sans étiquette et non spécifique des huiles végétales

Lipides, Qualité, Analyse, huiles végétales

A special electronic tongue system based on photoelectric measurements on Si–Si/SiNX sensitive structures is reported. The sensing approach is based on measuring of minority carrier lifetime in silicon-based substrates using microwave-detected photoconductance decay. This inexpensive and environmentally friendly combinatorial electronic sensing platform is able to create characteristic electronic fingerprints of liquids, detect, and recognize them. In particular, an application of the optoelectronic tongue for recognition of vegetable oils and their mixtures is described.


Development and improvement of analytical methods for assuring quality and authenticity of vegetable oils are very important research axes in the food field. In particular, the objectives of empowering detection and fostering prevention of oil fraud are considerably supported by European Union’s research and innovation programs. On the basis of the expanding market for vegetable oils, their authenticity has become an important subject from both commercial and health point of view. Among all vegetable oils, the extra virgin olive oil is known to have the highest economical value. At the same time, rapeseed, soyabean, and palm oils are the cheapest ones available in the market and can be used to ‘bulk-out’ more expensive products. Thus, the analytic methods resolving the problem of oil adulteration as well as determining origin, quality, and oxidative stability of oils are continuously under intensive development.

Abstract de la publication (en accès libre) dont Florent Joffre* est co-auteur : « Silicon-Based Optoelectronic Tongue for Label-Free and Nonspecific Recognition of Vegetable Oils«  (ACS Omega, 2020, vol.5, n°11) (Bohdan V. Oliinyk, Karyna Isaieva, Anton I. Manilov*, Tetyana Nychyporuk, Alain Geloen, Florent Joffre, Valeriy A. Skryshevsky, Sergii V. Litvinenko, Vladimir Lysenko)

*Florent Joffre Responsable R&D analytique ITERG



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