To be at the forefront of accelerating a successful food transition to serve the world

20-12-22 | News, Nutrition

Intervention by Danièle Karleskind, Managing Director of SAS Improve (a subsidiary of ITERG), during the Bridge2Food Asia trade show from November 28 to 30, 2022 in Singapore.

Our food ecosystem must evolve and integrate the adequacy of resources to the final needs of users. The goal is therefore to take the step from "smart agriculture" to "smart food".

The functionalization and design of ingredients must extrapolate the potential for food producers to provide users with affordable, nutritionally attractive, tasty and sustainable products.

The emphasis is on the enhancement of the properties of the raw materials by gentle and optimal treatment throughout the process.

IMPROVE, and its partners ITERG and PIVERT, bring their knowledge and expertise from farm to table on all biomass, in the fields of enzymatic conversion, fermentation, separation technologies, purification and valorization of co-products.

They work daily at the forefront of innovation for a successful food and environmental transition and to become a partner of choice in the food ecosystem.