"Environmental labelling of food products: where do we stand?" : replay of the ACTIA ECOVAL webinar

17-05-23 | News, Environment

The ecological and energy transition is leading manufacturers to design technical itineraries and propose products that have the least possible impact on the environment. This requires the ability to assess the environmental impact of processes and products according to a recognized methodology.

The environmental impact of food products is generally assessed using life cycle assessment (LCA) methods. LCA considers all stages of a product's life cycle, from raw material production to manufacturing, transportation, distribution and waste management.

The environmental display of food products aims to provide information on the environmental impact of food throughout its life cycle, from production to consumption. The goal of the display is to enable consumers to make informed purchasing decisions based on the environmental footprint of food products. It will also encourage companies to reduce their environmental footprint by making their practices more transparent. It is a developing tool that faces many challenges, including calculation methods, indicators to be considered and data to be considered.

The partners of the RMT Actia Ecoval work on the methodological development of the environmental evaluation of food products and processes and on the information to the consumer.
The webinar of April 20, 2023 (from 2:00 to 3:30 p.m.) proposed to focus on the environmental display project for food products and what its deployment, planned soon, implies for food companies.

- Principles, regulatory framework and timetable
- The planned system (method, data and format)
- The operationality of the system and prospects
- Questions and answers

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