Creation of the ChemBooster Alliance between ITERG and PIVERT

23-05-22 | News, Green chemistry

ITERG and PIVERT announce the creation of an Alliance, to meet the needs of industrialists of Biomass Extraction, Green Chemistry and Biotechnology.

This Alliance, named ChemBooster, will provide a unique service to customers by pooling the skills and technological platforms of the two organisations on the theme of a more sustainable Green Chemistry.

The objective is to accelerate projects and reduce the time to market for innovations by providing high-level experts and cutting-edge technologies.

ChemBooster enables the development of processes and the scaling up of products, from proof of concept on a laboratory scale (>10 Kg) to industrialization on a scale of ton. 

The technologies proposed, from kg to ton, are in particular:


  • Esterification / Trans-esterification
  • Hydrogenation
  • Hydrolysis (chemical - enzymatic)
  • Crystallisation / Precipitation

In addition to these chemical skills, the Chembooster Alliance benefits from PIVERT's know-how and tools in white biotechnology, liquid fermentation, DSP and enzymatic catalysis, as well as from ITERG's expertise and platforms for the primary processing of biomass, particularly in terms of oil extraction.

ChemBooster therefore offers to accompany its clients through to marketing in the Human Nutrition, Animal Feed, Cosmetics and Green Chemistry markets in general.


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" With Chembooster, we offer our French and international clients a combination of skills and technologies that is unique in Europe. We are convinced that this alliance will play a major role in the ecological, energy and nutritional transitions that are necessary to prepare the world of tomorrow.