You wish to

Get expert advice and guidance

Optimize your process


Keeping you informed of news in the oilseed and protein crop sector


Have a regulatory alert system


Scientific and technical support

Within a multidisciplinary team, experts can be mobilized on a wide range of issues:

Optimizing a process (extraction, frying), adding value to a raw material (seed, fruit, co-product) or improving efficiency and quality (lipid and protein matrices).

The auditors draw up an assessment of the situation and offer you advice, areas for improvement or innovative solutions.
If you wish, they can assist you with the implementation of the adopted solution and the industrial transfer.

Contact us for a customized study.

Strategic watch, a major asset for companies


ITERG provides monitoring of the vegetable oil and protein sector: news, regulations, standardisation, patents, scientific and technical publications.

A question-and-answer service and regular documentation products are provided to businesses as part of the membership.

ITERG delivers scientific and technical insights and high value-added analysis to map the environment : to take stock of the state of the art, to identify the players in a market with high stakes, to target the main patent applicants, to evaluate the dynamics of innovation, to detect the opportunity for new collaborations.


Strategic watch

To be at the heart of the news, follow innovations and be aware of new regulations


ITERG offers regular documentary products as part of theMembership.

- Press and economic panorama

- Regulatory alerts and environmental regulatory watch bulletin

- Bibliographic bulletins

- Patent watch.

These products are regularly distributed directly to the mailboxes of the staff of member companies (after registration).

Members can also ask their questions directly to the Monitoring and Information Unit, which responds via documentary elements or via the opinion of an expert from the Institute.

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