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30-06-22 | News

What happened at ITERG in 2021?

- Activity report 2021


A look back at the year 2021, our environment, our research & innovation topics and our Services for the industry.

ITERG reaffirms its vocation as an Industrial Technical Centre and its desire to meet the challenges of the 2020-2023 Contract of Objectives and Performance (COP). The food, ecological and digital transitions are consubstantial to the elaboration of ITERG's development plan for the next 10 years.
With its teams, diversified skills and infrastructures, ITERG is committed to participating in the economic growth of the sector and ensuring its own development, in line with the ambitious objectives that have been set.

"It is with enthusiasm and determination that ITERG is committed to expanding and modernising to reveal the potential of oils and proteins through natural, healthy and planet-friendly ingredients.

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Activity report 2021