Development of a sensory analysis method for vegetable proteins

7-09-22 | Analysis, News

The method aims to evaluate the organoleptic quality of vegetable proteins (flours, concentrates, isolates) before incorporation into food products; it is based on their tasting, in water diluted form, by an expert jury.
A list of 14 descriptors has been developed following the ISO 11035 standard (Research and selection of descriptors for the development of a sensory profile). They are grouped by family: legumes, cereals, vegetable, animal, earth, sweet, mouth feel, texture.
The discrimination of the preparations by these descriptors was validated for some pea-based products.

Presentation by Florence Lacoste, Expert at the ITERG Analysis & Expertise Department, on September 7, 2022 at the day organized by Vegepolys Valley, the Carnot Institutes Plant2Pro® and Qualiment® and Terres Univia, entitled "Panorama of plant proteins - Crossed views between companies and research".