Estogel M® : eco-responsible gelling agent of natural origin for cosmetics (ITERG project in the ITAINNOV 2022 competition)

18-12-21 | News, Green chemistry Formulation

ITERG and Polymerexpert have pooled their skills in order to develop a fatty phase gelling agent. Indeed, the availability of eco-responsible solutions is at the heart of the concerns of many application markets, particularly cosmetics.
The proposed solution, Estogel M®, is a gelling agent of natural origin, more than 91% biosourced. It has been developed for polar to medium polar oils. This polymeric additive offers several formulation advantages: transparency, suspensivity, viscosity and thixotropy to anhydrous gels, with a low impact on the final cost.

Discover the webcam pitch of Guillaume CholletGuillaume Chollet, Head of Unit Green chemistry and Physical Chemistry at ITERG.

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