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A guarantee of food safety

To finely characterize the fat of your products

Sensory analysis of your oils and proteins by an expert jury

Study the rheological behaviour and texture of your fatty phases


The Analysis and Expertise Department mobilizes a high-level of expertise on fatty substances(COFRAC accreditation on a large number of analyses offered).
It is also a valuable operational capacity in the event of a health crisis for all industrial players.

Analytical expertise

Recognized expertise in


  • fine characterization of fats and purity controls
  • search for contaminants to guarantee food safety(mineral oils, pesticides, solvents, hydrocarbons, phthalates, etc.)
    and for undesirable neoformed products (trans-fatty acids, oxysterols, etc.)
  • assessment of spoilage with checks for conformity, oxidation stability and rancidity
  • sensory analysis (oil expert panel)
  • studies of the rheological behaviour and texture of fats

COFRA logo tests

From Services on all types of products including fatty matrices

Fat extraction adapted to the matrix - Fat content: all matrices / formulation
(Soxhlet, Hydrolytic, Non-altering) - Free fat content 

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Physical measurements

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The expertise of our laboratories

Oils, fats, lipid matrices and constituent lipids

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