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Improve your industrial performance

Reduce the environmental impact of your products and processes.

Developing eco-friendly products


Ensure your regulatory compliance


In order to meet this objective,
ITERG supports manufacturers in their sustainable development initiatives, through Services adapted to the specificity of their products and processes.

ACéVOIL environmental assessment tool



Limiting environmental impact

  • GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emissions: carbon footprint
  • Environmental life cycle assessment (LCA)
  • Development of methodologies, reference systems, tools, databases, guides


    •  28 Carbon assessments carried out ("company" and "industry" approaches, guides)
    • LCA of products (fats, bio-based products, etc.)
    • LCA of value chains
    • Process LCA (comparison of alternative / conventional processes)
    • Environmental information
    • Data construction
    • Critical review
    • Ecodesign = measuring the environmental impact of prospective scenarios.

    Being in compliance

    • Legislation on Installations Classified for the Protection of the Environment (ICPE)
    • Safety of people and installations (ATEX, Single Risk Assessment Document)
        • BPI Watch bulletins for members and contributors
        • Customised monitoring for industrial operators
        • Explosion risk management guides for vegetable oil and animal fat producers (ATEX)
        • Assistance with the drafting of ICPE files
        • Guide to the application of Best Available Technologies (BATs)


    eco circular


    Reduction of inputs and outputs from industry

    • Releases to air
    • Waste and co-products
    • Energy

    Identification of emission or consumption items / Proposals for reduction at source / Proposals for recovery or treatment solutions

          • Diagnostics for the reduction of odour nuisance and VOC emissions
          • Recovery of waste and co-products as secondary raw materials or in methanisation
          • Reduction of energy consumption and recovery of waste heat


    Societal approach and global performance

    • Sustainable development
    • Social responsibility of companies
    • Overall operational performance


        • CSR KIT ANIA / ACTIA
        • Environmental and socio-economic assessment of the sectors
        • Global expertise : environmental and industrial performance, health quality(sobr'IAA)


    We support you in your environmental approach

    Improve your performance, develop virtuous products, ensure regulatory compliance...

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    Fabrice Bosque

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