Proteins enhancement


With its subsidiary IMPROVE, ITERG has added to its expertise in oils and fats the enhancement of the protein fractions of agro-resources.

The synergy of skills and expertise thus created allows the optimisation of the uses of all fractions, products and co-products from these agro-resources.

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Areas of expertise and Services

- Physico-chemical characterization

- Nutritional, biological and organoleptic properties of proteins and formulated products

- Functional Properties of Proteins


- Professional Training, audit and consultancy

- Technology watch and benchmarking

- Functionalization of Proteins

- Services Pilot scale

- Contract manufacturing

- Services R&D on demand or collaborative and partnership R&D

- Development and sale of proprietary technologies:
ULTIMATE™ P-Isolate, ULTIMATE™ C-Milling, ULTIMATE™ C-Dehuling, ULTIMATE™ Fluid, ULTIMATE™ C-Clean Taste


IMPROVE SAS develops and designs innovative processes for the dry production of concentrates (with a protein concentration of approximately 50 to 60%) and wet production of isolates (>80%).

The combination of the technological know-how of ITERG and IMPROVE SAS makes it possible to offer operators in the crushing and extraction of plants in general a wide range of solutions for the sustainable extraction of plant proteins from all biomass, particularly oil and protein seeds.

With IMPROVE SAS, ITERG also extends its field of investigation to the analysis of non-lipidic compounds (e.g. phytic acid) and its analytical offer to most anti-nutritional factors.

The synergy with ITERG is based on expertise in analysis and processes, two complementary fields of competence: an obvious dynamic for addressing industries producing and using ingredients or synthons of plant origin, a necessity for the oilseed sector and for industries in downstream markets.

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