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3 ITERG platforms dedicated to nutrition in the fields of lipids, plant proteins and micronutrients.
ItergLife Sciences is a team of experts in lipid biochemistry, metabolism, analysis and contract services.

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Developing functional and innovative foods rich in fat or fat-soluble nutrients

Have scientific arguments to promote the health impact of your fat ingredients

Evaluate the nutritional value of your products with a fat component

Study the bioavailability of your lipid formulas


Preventing the development of major pathologies with a nutritional component is a public health objective
and is also becoming an innovation driver for AFI.

ITERG works in both directions,
with the participation in major research programs in public health,
and on the other hand by developing the potential for nutritional innovation
of fats and vegetable proteins.

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Recognized expertise in the field of

  • Monitoring of lipid consumption : dietary surveys, biomarkers of consumption
  • Assessment of intestinal absorption - bioavailability of lipid / fat soluble compounds according to their form of intake: bioavailability biomarkers, nutritional studies, digestibility measurements of lipid formulas
  • Health impact of lipids
  • Study of the metabolic fate of lipid / fat soluble compounds according to nutritional status and pathological state : biomarker of functionality, nutritional studies - mechanisms of action, dose effect, synergistic
  • Identification and assessment of biomarkers of nutritional or physiological status.
  • Characterization of lipids on biological matrices: lipid profiles / fat-soluble micronutrients / distribution of fatty acids on the glycerol skeleton (triglycerides and phospholipids)

Our research thematics

  • Bioavailability of lipid or fat-soluble nutrients according to their form of intake (physicochemical structure, composition of the food matrix (emulsifier, antioxidants) and intestinal homeostasis (microbiota).
  •  Maternal lipid consumption and neonatal development.
  • Influence of the nature of lipids and fat-soluble nutrients consumed on the prevention or development of certain pathologies (obesity, CVD, cerebral ageing, etc.).
  • Scientific watch on lipid nutrition and health.
  • Nutritional Claims Watch and Crisis Anticipation.
  • Plant proteins and health watch.
nutrition health

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