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Optimizing your vegetable oil extraction and refining processes

Contract processing of your seeds and oils


Refining and deodorizing your organic raw materials


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ITERG offers its services to companies wishing to subcontract or optimise the processing of their products.
In one year, 260 tonnes of material from 42 different plant species were processed in our workshops.

Research 1st Transformations

Aiming for Technological Excellence

  • Shelling, cooking and pressing of oil seeds
  • Flattening and solvent extraction of niche seeds
  • Cold delipidation of seeds to preserve enzyme activities
  • Alkaline neutralization, decolourization and deodorization of cosmetic oil
  • Refining of small batches of vegetable oils (2 kg to 1 tonne)
  • Bio : pressing, refining, deodorising, hydrogenation, crushing
  • Deodorization of vegetable butters
  • Activated carbon treatment of fats containing traces of undesirable products
  • Grinding of solid fats to facilitate processing

ITERG is controlled by Ecocert Greenlife SAS, in accordance with the COSMOS standard, for its Services of:
- pressing of organic seeds,
- refining and deodorization of organic vegetable oils
- hydrogenation of organic vegetable oils
- grinding of organic materials
- deodorization of organic raw materials

R&D work in B2B


After signing a confidentiality agreement, we take cognisance of your problem and draw up a proposal for a service. After agreement, we carry out the proposed experimental work and deliver the results, transferring full ownership to you.

Collaborative projects

The Processes Department is currently involved in about ten collaborative projects, mostly as a subcontractor.
Most of these projects are relatively complex in their development and require the establishment of consortium agreements providing for the exploitation of research results.

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