Evaluation and use of vegetable powders as emulsion stabilisers

22-06-22 | Formulation

During the 37th edition of the Emulsion 2022 Club, Cécile Joseph, Formulation Engineer at ITERG, gave an oral communication, alongside Maud Sanchez from PIVERT, on the " evaluation and use of vegetable powders as emulsion stabilisers " in the framework of the new ChemBooster Alliance.

This work presents a strategy to evaluate the potential of different plant powders and co-products as emulsion stabilisers.
The objective of this approach is to evaluate and compare their efficacy and modes of action, while minimising the number of trials. It is based on a decision tree and was implemented with the evaluation of different powders.
It was confirmed that many powders can participate in the stabilisation of an emulsion by several mechanisms, involving the soluble fraction, the adsorption of insoluble particles (Pickering emulsions) or the structuring of a network in the continuous phase.
The resulting conclusions can then be used in application formulations with specific targeted properties. Pilot scale formulations stabilised solely by oilseed cake are described in detail as examples and in terms of application properties.

plant-based powder as stabilizers