Speeches at the next Lipids & Cosmetics Congress - 26 and 27 January 2022

18-12-21 | News, Green chemistry Formulation


The 3rd edition of the Lipids & Cosmetics Congress will be held on 26 and 27 January 2022 in Bordeaux. This event is organised by Cosmetic Valley in partnership with ITERG, the Centre de Valorisation des AgroRessources (CVA), the University of Bordeaux and the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region.


4 topics are proposed for this new edition:
- the importance of lipids in skin and hair
- new lipid sourcing: valorisation, constraints and opportunities. Where to find them and where to get them?
- transformation of lipids towards functionalities dedicated to formulation
- better characterization for better understanding of lipids.

Cécile Joseph, Formulation Engineer ITERG, will speak on 26 January: "New amphiphilic structures from edible vegetable oils and properties evaluation".

Florence Lacoste, Expert at the ITERG Analysis & Expertise Department, will speak on 27 January: "Lipids and undesirable substances: quality control".