Feedback on the exchange day on the formulation of biocontrol agents and substances, November 23, 2022

20-10-22 | News, Green chemistry Formulation

The public-private Consortium "Research - Development - Innovation" on Biocontrol and its member clusters (AgriSudOuest Innovation, Bioeconomy for Change, Innov'Alliance and Vegepolys Valley) organized in Paris a day of exchange on the formulation of biocontrol agents and substances (micro-organisms, natural substances and chemical mediators).
4 sessions were presented:
- session "feedback and needs in formulation of biocontrol agents and substances"
- session "use cases: seeds & biocontrol"
- session "encapsulation technologies"
- session "biopolymers".


Cécile Joseph, Formulation Expert at ITERG, spoke on " Formulation strategy and functionality of lipidic compounds".

In addition to the lipid ingredients of interest for biocontrol formulation, the talk presented 2 examples of approaches and strategies:

  • The use of vegetable powders (co-products) to stabilize emulsions and encapsulate lipidic phases to dry form
  • The development of biosourced molecules from vegetable oil, and their functionalization to modulate their viscosity, hydrophobicity and dispersing, stabilizing and emulsifying properties.


This event was reserved for members of the Consortium.