ACTIA Inter-RMT Day, 5 May 2022

3-05-22 | News, Analysis, Environment, Nutrition

The mixed technological network (RMT) is a scientific and technical partnership tool, set up and supported by the Ministry in charge of Agro-food, under the coordination of Actia for the agro-food sector.

Actia coordinates ten RMT, whose themes contribute to the objective of sustainable food production.


On 5 May 2022, an Inter-RMT day will take place at Actia headquarters. ITERG will be present on behalf of 3 RMTs:

  • RMT ECOVAL (Fabrice Bosque, Head of Environment Eco-Industries)
  • RMT PROT&IN (Benjamin Buaud, Health Nutrition and Lipid Biochemistry Project Leader)
  • RMT AL-CHIMIE (Florence Lacoste, Expert Analysis and Expertise Department)