The Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region
and the European Union through the ERDF
support the development of ITERG platforms.

The IMAGO project, funded by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region and the European Union through the ERDF, has just come to an end.

Its ambition was to create a leading Research, Innovation and Transfer cluster on the Pessac-Canéjan site, focusing on plant oil and protein production and processing technology, and adapting it to the new societal challenges of the biobased industries (ecological, energy and digital transitions).

It has enabled:
- the development of the processing platform to meet the need for innovation in eco-efficient processing methods that preserve the naturalness and quality of the ingredients produced for all the food and non-food sectors that depend on them.
- the modernization of the analytical platform to support the technology platforms and industry services, by renewing the equipment, and gradually extending the field of expertise to plant proteins, anti-nutritional factors and the diversity of minor non-lipid compounds.

This equipment complements the ITERG-Terres Inovia technical platform to meet the needs of the vegetable oil and protein sector and its users, and to initiate new research themes.

See all equipment p68-69 of the ITERG Activity Report.