White paper "Plant proteins for global health", led by INRAE

6-01-23 | Protein, News, Nutrition

Scientists from the public and private sectors, plant breeding, food, and economics came together on April 1-2, 2021 in a wide-open webinar with over 150 attendees.

This paper has emerged in order to take stock of recent advances, identify collectively identified research priorities and contribute to the coordination of this research upstream and downstream of the plant protein production chains.
This white paper "Plant proteins for global health: identification of knowledge, barriers and levers for their development in human nutrition" is the synthesis of the reflections of a working group that brought together the authors D. Chéreau (Improve/Iterg/Pivert), P. Carré, F. Muel (Terres Inovia), I. Solanas (GreenTech), M. Szambien (PlantAlliance), V. Vernoud & S. Walrand (INRAE).

Its scope covers plant biology, agronomy, processing and human nutrition.