Equipment of the protein platform of our subsidiary IMPROVE 

IMPROVE SAS has pilot equipment, on a kg scale, allowing the development and scaling up of processes, a complete analytical centre allowing the full characterisation of the products developed, including the physico-chemical characteristics of the proteins and their functional and nutritional properties.

IMPROVE SAS supports its customers in the agro-industry and ingredients sector in their industrialisation, scaling up and production of large samples (>1 ton).



- including sorting and shelling

Extraction and purification of proteins:


    • Dry extraction from laboratory to micro-pilot (kg) and pilot (> 10 kg) scales
    • Grinding with different technologies such as pin mill, beater mill, knife mill, impact mill and roll mill but also with our innovative proprietary technologies ULTIMATE™ C-Millling and ULTIMATE™ C-Dehulling
    • Separation and sieving
    • In liquid extraction: 3 lines available, from laboratory scale to micro-pilot (10 to 50 L of product) and pilot (200 to 1000 L of product)
    • Protein extraction: liquid milling, stirred and temperature-controlled reactors, pH adjustment
    • Solid-liquid separation: 2- or 3-phase decanter centrifuge, 2- or 3-phase plate centrifuge, centrifugal dryer, filter press, etc.
    • Liquid/liquid separation: crossflow filtration from reverse osmosis to micro-filtration, ceramic and organic membranes, dynamic filtration
    • Stabilization: heat treatment, vacuum concentration, spray drying or freeze drying
    • Treatment of co-products: fibre, starch
    • And via our technological partners, demonstrative and industrial extrapolation to the scale of a ton or more.

Protein modification and functionalization and other post-processing


  • Enzymatic hydrolysis
  • High pressure treatments
  • Controlled heat treatments
  • Solvent extraction
  • Reactive extrusion, Ultrasound, and Electrodialysis via our partner EXTRACTIS
  • ULTIMATE™ CleanTaste technology for protein concentrates
  • ULTIMATE™ Fluid to improve the flowability of powders
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Protein ingredient analysis

    • Characterisation of proteins: purity, composition (SE-HPLC, SDS PAGE), denaturation, degree of hydrolysis
    • Powder characterisation: particle size and shape, flow, instantaneous properties, colour
    • Functional properties: rheological behaviour, emulsifying, foaming, gelling properties
    • In vitro digestibility: PDCAAS in vitro, Boisen, INFOGEST
    • Anti-nutritional factors: phytate, anti-trypsin factors, lectins, isoflavones, polyphenols, vicin
    • Application tests: drinks, yoghurts, foams, cereal products, etc.

    Professional Training, Audit and Monitoring


      • Technical workshops on request
      • Process audit and due diligence R&D and process/production
      • Innovation and market strategy consulting, R&D project management.
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    With its subsidiary IMPROVE, ITERG adds to its expertise in oils and fats, the valorisation of the protein fractions of agro-resources.

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