Next Chevreul Days, January 18-20, 2023

31-08-22 | News, Nutrition

To celebrate the 80th anniversary of the French Society for the Study of Lipids (SFEL) and to thank the Chevreul Medalists who have contributed to the success of the Chevreul Days, the SFEL is organizing an exceptional Chevreul Days which will be held in Paris from January 18 to 20, 2023 at the National Museum of Natural History.

These days will provide an opportunity to review all the research topics on lipids supported by SFEL/AFECG since its creation and on the major developments in the various fields of research on lipids in a context of multiple transitions (environmental, societal, bioeconomic ...).
On this occasion, Professor Michel Linder will be awarded the Chevreul Medal 2023.

- Opening session on SFEL and Michel-Eugène CHEVREUL - Claude Leray (FRA), Christian Ferault (FRA), Hervé Plessix (FRA)

-Introductory session on Omega3 in the brain - Jean-Marie Bourre (FRA), Richard Bazinet (CAN)

- Genomic/varietal selection and oilseed sector - André Pouzet (FRA), Valérie Mazza (FRA)

- Lipids, nutrition and human health - Frédéric Carrière (FRA)

- Lipids in the ocean, microorganisms - Peter Nichols (AUS), Marie Vagner (FRA), Michel Linder (FRA)
Benjamin Buaud, Head of Health Nutrition and Lipid Biochemistry Projects at ITERG, will chair this session along with Michel Linder and Philippe Soudant.

- Lipids and brain - Stephen Cunnane (CAN), Vincenzo Di Marzo (ITA), Fabien Pifferi (FRA)

- Lipochemistry, Emulsion & New Technologies - Charlotte Jacobsen (DNK), Romain Valentin (FRA), Laurianne Simon (FRA)

More information on the SFEL website: https: //