Accreditation of a method for the determination of isoflavones

At the request of the interprofession, the Analytical Development team was asked to work on the accreditation of a method for the determination of isoflavones in soy products. In 2019, the Analytical Development team tested the two official methods AOAC 2001 and AOAC 2008.03, and found that neither of these methods was optimal in terms of both products and limit of quantification. It was therefore decided to develop an in-house method combining the two methods, i.e. the 2008 analytical approach applied to products containing few isoflavones (milk, tofu, etc.).

In 2020, an accreditation file was drawn up on samples with data on repeatability, reproducibility, recovery rate, precision, limit of detection and quantification, seeds on the matrices soybeans, plain juice, plain tofu, fermented and textured soy dessert.
In 2021, the determination of isoflavone content (internal method) was added to our COFRAC accreditation scope.

Contact: Loïc Leitner, Head of Analytical Research, ITERG.