Formulating naturally: evaluation and use of vegetable protein powders as emulsion stabilizers

 With the aim of reducing or eliminating the need for synthetic additives, we have developed a strategy for assessing the potential of various plant powders and co-products as emulsion stabilizers.

Using these descriptors and reference samples, we were able to analyze some 30 products in 2022 on the basis of their sensory evaluation: 7 soy-based samples, 3 chickpea-based samples, 9 pea-based samples and 10 faba bean-based samples.

The results obtained have enabled us to draw up product description sheets according to the type of protein crop: soybean, pea, faba bean, chickpea.
It has thus been confirmed that many powders can participate in the stabilization of an emulsion by several mechanisms, involving the soluble fraction, the adsorption of insoluble particles (Pickering emulsions) or the structuring of a network in the continuous phase. 

These results can be used in application formulations, with specific targeted properties. Formulations have been produced on a pilot scale and stabilized solely with oilseed cake, demonstrating applicative properties in food and various other markets.

Contacts: Cécile Joseph, ITERG Formulation Project Manager, Maud Sanchez, PIVERT Project Manager