High erucic rapeseed oil polymers for cosmetic and encapsulation applications

ITERG's HYPE project, funded under the 3BCAR PAA, aims to develop a new range of 100% biobased branched polymers with remarkable properties.

Hyperbranched polymers represent a special class of dendritic materials. Like dendrimers, they are characterised by a highly branched tree-like architecture and high peripheral functionality.

This compact and globular geometry endows them with remarkable properties: for example, dendritic materials have a much lower viscosity than their linear counterparts at equal molar masses, better solubilities and higher functionality.

Unlike dendrimers, the synthesis of hyperbranched polymers in "one-pot" is much simpler and more economical. Hyperbranched polymers are widely used today as additives and encapsulation materials in a variety of sectors such as paints, adhesives, coatings, but also in cosmetics and the medical field.

To date, the hyperbranched polymers marketed are derived from petrochemical reagents (DSM, Perstop). However, there are no 100% biobased commercial references.

The objective of this project is to synthesize multifunctional AB2 monomers from erucic rapeseed oil in order to prepare, in a second step, hyperbranched polymers whose structure will be controlled. They will then be functionalized in order to increase their amphiphilic character and to evaluate their potential as materials for physical encapsulation strategies.
A technical and economic study will be carried out on the most promising polymers for the cosmetics and encapsulation markets.

See the 3BCAR project sheet.