Energy recovery by methanisation of organic residues from agro-industries

The VALORMAP project (2015-2018), initiated by the RMT ACTIA ECOVAL and coordinated by ITERG, has made it possible to carry out a study of co-product deposits for 5 agro-industrial sectors, including co-products from the fat and margarine industry (but also alcohol production, the wine sector, paper mills, the pig industry), and 3 French regions (PACA, Auvergne, Lorraine), as well as the evaluation of the methanogenic potential of over 90 residues.
For this perimeter, an annual production of around 3.5 million tonnes of solid waste and 5 million m3 of liquid waste was estimated, i.e. a theoretical biomethane production of 509 million Nm3 CH4 / year. Not all of the residues identified are fully mobilisable for methanisation, due to certain regulatory, technical and economic constraints.
Taking into account an optimistic mobilisation rate, the annual production of biomethane would be of the order of 123 million Nm3 of CH4. 

The main results of the project are available on the Internet:

An interactive map, which allows the volume of biogas that can be produced to be visualised at cantonal level, is proposed, as well as some twenty "product" sheets summarising the main results by type of co-product studied.

This project was co-financed by ADEME.

Project partners :
AGRIA Grand Est, CTP, CRITT Agroalimentaire PACA, IFIP, IFV, INRA LBE Narbonne, IPC Clermont, IRSTEA, ITERG, UNGDA.

Contact: Fabrice Bosque, Head of Environment and EcoIndustries, ITERG