VALOIL project: Valorization of used vegetable oils for the synthesis of detergent and disinfection molecules

5-01-22 | News, Green chemistry Environment, Formulation

The project (starting in October 2021 for a duration of 4 years) aims to synthesise amphiphilic molecules molecules from used vegetable oils and refining by-products from the French oil industry. These surfactant molecules molecules will be used in detergent and disinfectant formulations, which are themselves 100% biosourced and biodegradable.
In order to ensure the environmental performance of the molecules and formulations produced, each key stage of development is accompanied by an
life cycle assessment (LCA) compared with existing biobased (palm oil sourcing) or petrochemical solutions.

The VALOIL project is financed by ADEME under the GRAINE call for projects.
By developing a new way of recovering (used vegetable edible oils) and CPR (refining co-products) from metropolitan oils, the VALOIL project (SALVECO/ITERG) will give a second life to these materials that are currently destroyed by combustion or partly used for the production of biofuels.
This project will make it possible to set up a new sector limiting the use of first generation resources in order to meet performance and societal expectations (development of the bioeconomy, second life for UHs).
Consult the Compendium of R&D projects Graines 2016-2021 produced by ADEME.
Guillaume Chantre - ITERG