ITERG develops cutting-edge analytical methods, which are always a benchmark because they are carried out with the support of expertise resourced at the highest level.
The Institute regularly invests in new equipment. For example, a GC-MS/MS for the determination of pesticides and an LC-GC-FID for the analysis of mineral oils were recently acquired.

Prevent and eliminate chemical contamination of oils, fats and co-products

ITERG is developing increasingly sophisticated methods for analysing contaminants.

- determination of 3-MCPD esters and glycidol esters - COFRAC accreditation
- analysis of PAH4 (crude and refined oils) - COFRAC accreditation
- analysis of mineral oil (MOSH, MOAH) - COFRAC accreditation
- analysis of phthalates (oils and animal feed) - COFRAC accreditation

Protect, qualify, trace and authenticate vegetable oils and animal fats

There is a strong demand for quality indicators and preservation in order to limit waste while meeting consumer expectations. In addition to spoilage, qualitative indicators also concern the fine characterisation of lipids such as minor compounds and the development of authenticationmethods and traceability (provenance or variety, PGI, organic vs. conventional.

For example: OLEUM project

Identify and characterise new sources of interest 


(oils from biotechnology, insects, etc.)

Industrial demand has also directed ITERG towards the characterisation of co-products and by-products in support of the creation of value and the improvement of the competitiveness of industrial sites and of the sector, by also associating the development of rapid methods.



Head of Analytical Research and Development