Use of vegetable powders from brewers' grains to encapsulate bioactive lipidic compounds: the FOLIBRASS project

26-01-23 | News, Formulation


The Carnot 3BCAR FOLIBRASS project starts in 2023.

The objective of this project is touse vegetable powders of brewers' grains to encapsulate bioactive lipidic compounds, then, to integrate the encapsulated biomolecules into typical formulated food, cosmetic and phytopharmaceutical products :
sprayable solutions, sauces, milks and creams manufactured under the conditions classically used by each sector (pH, salts, agitation systems and types of preservatives in particular).

In order to obtain an efficient encapsulation, brewers' grains powders will be functionalized by physical processes (grinding, turbo- and electro-separation) in a dry process in a "solvent-free, chemical reagent-free" eco-design perspective.
The encapsulation strategy is based on the stabilization of oil-in-water emulsions (direct emulsions) by powders from fractionated spent grains (emulsions stabilized by solid particles, or Pickering emulsions).
The particles around the lipidic drops containing the biomolecules will constitute the encapsulation.

The emulsions can be used as is, for a use of the encapsulated biomolecules in liquid form, or dehydrated by atomization for a use in dry form. These two forms, liquid and dry powders, will be evaluated within the model formulas.

ITERG is a partner in the project, along withUMR IATE, the Joint Research Unit for Agropolymer Engineering and Emerging Technologies.