Webinar "Pulses: From Seed Quality to Consumer," June 6, 2023

21-04-23 | Protein, Analysis, News, Processes

On the morning of June 6, 2023, a free webinar entitled "Legumes: from seed quality to consumer" will be held.
Speakers: Terres Inovia, Improve, ITERG, INRAE-CSGA
Time: 10-12 am
Public: technicians, advisors, industrialists and journalists

The use of leguminous seeds in human food is a response to new consumption trends. The knowledge acquired by the Cap Protéines program contributes to a better valorisation of the quality produced in the field, through a targeted approach on the processes, the functional and gustatory properties of vegetable proteins and their perception by consumers.

- Introduction
- Method for determining the rate of bruised seeds
- Evaluation of the economic interest of the concentration of faba bean proteins by the dry process
- Functional properties of vegetable protein materials
- Sensory analysis of vegetable protein materials: descriptors, profiles and volatile compounds
- Consumer perception of legumes.
- Conclusion

Free registration required before June 5, 2023


This webinar is part of a series of four 2-hour webinars dedicated to downstream value-added and seed processing:

- Session 1 - Oilseeds: Potential of transformation processes to improve protein autonomy
- Session 2 - Soybeans and sunflowers: Potential of transformation processes to improve protein autonomy
- Session 3 - Animal feed: High protein meal expellers for monogastric animals
- Session 4 - Pulses: from seed quality to consumer