Process and equipment for the rupture of the emulsions and the separation of their components by filtration


1,065,720. Emulsifier-separators; chemical contact apparatus.INSTITUT DES CORPS GRAS.June 2, 1965 [June 7, 1965], No. 23537/65.Headings BID and B1F.In removing impurities such as soaps or gums from oil, the oil arid some water are supplied to a chamber 24 and emulsified, after which the emulsion is passed through a coalescer 26, in the form of a filter having an affinity for the dispersed phase (cellulosic material or filter paper for a water-in-oil emulsion), large water droplets settle and are withdrawn at 30 and the dispersant oil is withdrawn through a filter 28 (silicone impregnated paper) which is repellant to and retains the remaining dispersed water, to which the impurity has been transferred.The apparatus comprises a baffle 25 and a heating jacket 32.Water outlet passage 30 is used to backwash filter 26, using air bleed 23 as an outlet, and the filter 26 is then dried by compressed air.In Fig. 1, (not shown), the emulsifier, coalescer and separating filter are in separate tanks, and in the separating tank separation occurs by gravity prior to removal of the dispersant by upward flow through the filter.The separating tank may be washed by water.Pumps supply the liquids to the emulsifier and transfer the emulsion to the coalescer.

(From GB1065720 A)
Publication dates : 1966-01-28 / 1967-04-19


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