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Dairy fat blend improves brain DHA and neuroplasticity and regulates corticosterone in mice
Nutrition Sante – 2016 Prostaglandins, Leukotrienes and Essential Fatty Acids, vol. 109, p. 29-38, avril 2016 – A.L. Dinel, C. […]
EPA/DHA and vitamin A supplementation improves spatial memory and alleviates the age-related decrease in hippocampal RXRγ and kinase expression in rats.
Nutrition Sante – 2016 Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, 2016, vol. 8 – A. Létondor, B. Buaud, C. Vaysse, E. Richard, […]
Données récentes sur les apports en acides gras des français
Nutrition Sante – 2016 Lipid’Nutri+, n°30, juin-juillet 2016 – L. Couëdelo, C. Le Guillou, S. Pasteau, N. Simon, J. Tressou
Enriched dairy fat matrix diet prevents early life lipopolysaccharide-induced spatial memory impairment at adulthood
Nutrition Sante – 2016 Prostaglandins, leukotrienes and essential fatty acids, vol. 113, 2016, p. 9-18 – A.L. Dine, C. Rey, […]
Slowing down fat digestion and absorption by oxadiazolone inhibitor targeting selectively gastric lipolysis
Nutrition Sante – 2016 European journal of Medicinal Chemistry, vol. 123, 2016, p. 834-848 – V. Point, A. Bénarouche, J. […]
International validation of the determination of saturated hydrocarbon mineral oil in vegetable oils
Qualite Securite des produits – 2016 European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology, n°3, 2016, p. 373-381 – F. LACOSTE
Lessons from ten years of an interprofessional survey plan on oilseeds food safety
Qualite Securite des produits – 2016 19th International Sunflower Conference, Edirne, Turquey, 29 mai-3 juin 2016 – Dauguet S., Lacoste […]
Caractéristiques des huiles de lin et de chanvre
Analyse – OCL, vol. 22, n°6, 2015 – O. MORIN
New lipase assay using Pomegranate oil coating in microtiter plates
Analyse – Biochimie, septembre 2015 – S. ULKER, C. PLACIDI, V. POINT, B. GADENNE, C. SERVEAU-AVESQUE, S. CANAAN, F. CARRIERE, […]
Hydrophobe-free miniemulsion polymerization: towards high solid content of fatty acid-based poly(urethane-urea)s latexes
Lipochimie – 2015 Polymer Chemistry, vol.6, n°2, p. 213-217 – H.CRAMAIL, G.ETIENNE, E.RIX, G.CEGLIA, J.BAJT, G.CHOLLET, H.VALERIE
Fatty Acid-Based Thermoplastic Poly(Ester-Amide) as toughening and crystallization improver of Poly(L-lactide)
Lipochimie – 2015 European Polymer Journal, vol.65, 2015, p. 276-285 – T. LEBARBE, E. GRAU, C. ALFOS, H. CRAMAIL
Well-defined oligosaccharides by mild acidic hydrolysis of hemicelluloses
Lipochimie – 2015 European Polymer Journal, vol. 66, 2015, p. 190-197 – M.CHEMIN, A.L WIROTIUS, F.HAM-PICHAVANT, G. CHOLLET, D. DA […]
Catalytic Decarbonylation of Biosourced Substrates
Lipochimie – 2015 ChemSusChem, avril 2015 – J. TERNEL, T. LEBARBE, E. MONFLIER, F. HAPIOT
Synthesis and application of fatty acid derived templates for the preparation of mesostructured silica material
Lipochimie – 2015 RSC Advances, 2015, 5, p. 82488-82491 – C. PIREZ, G. STOCLET, T. LEBARBE, S. DESSET, F. DUMEIGNIL […]
Industrial vegetable oil by-products increase the ductility of polylactide.
Lipochimie – 2015 Express Polymer Letters . Dec2015, Vol. 9 Issue 12, p1087-1103 – Ruellan A, Guinault A., Sollogoub C, […]
Fatty acid composition of adipose tissue and colorectal cancer: a case-control study.
Nutrition Sante – 2015 The American journal of clinical nutrition, vol. 101, n°1, 2015, p. 192-201 – V. COTTET, C. […]
Impact of various emulsifiers on ALA bioavailability and chylomicron synthesis through changes in gastrointestinal lipolysis
Nutrition Sante – 2015 Food & Function, mars 2015 – L. COUEDELO, S. AMARA, M. LECOMTE, E. MEUNIER, J. MONTEIL, […]