Selective hydrogenation of polyunsaturated fatty acid – in vegetable oil, over palladium at low temp.


Selective catalytic hydrogenation of vegetable oils contg. polyunsaturated fatty acids and their derivs. is carried out at 10-40 (20-25) deg.C in presence of 0.001-0.15 (0.08-0.1)% Pd, based on wt. of oil.Pref. the hydrogen pressure is 1-20 (about 5) bars.Esp. the process is carried out in an aromatic solvent e.g. opt. alkyl- or alkoxy-substd. benzene, esp. benzene, toluene, xylenes, ethylbenzene or anisole, used at 10-200ml per 100g oil.The Pd is esp. supported on finely-divided carbon at 1-10 (5) wt.% of total catalyst.The content of linolenic acid is reduced to levels acceptable for food-grade oils while the contents of stearic acid and trans isomers of monounsatd. acids are kept reasonably low.

Publication dates : 1982-10-08 / 1984-07-13


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