ITERG supports you in innovative products development
in the field of vegetable oils and proteins.

From idea to market

ITERG offers a complete range of services, analyses, formulations and processes on natural raw materials: rare and precious oils, compounds of interest with high added value.

- Feasibility assessment

- Process development

- Production


1 - 2 Kg


10 - 100 Kg


500 Kg - 1 T

Bio-based products

Emulsifiers - Fatty acids - Esters...

Our expertise


- Chemical or enzymatic synthesis
- Reaction under pressure (hydrogenation, hydrolysis, hydrogenolysis...).

Physical Operations

- Distillation
- Fractionation
- Deacidification
- Bleaching
- Deodorisation


- Emulsion, dispersion
- Physico-chemical characterization, emulsion stability
- Physico-chemical characterization, emulsion stability
(droplet size analysis, accelerated stability tests, rheology...)

Our associated services

Crushing - Oilseed Refining
Analysis and Expertise
Professional Training

Our values

Natural and
& biobased ingredients

and innovative processes

Certifications ensuring the quality of products and processes

Our Certifications and Approvals

ITERG is certified ISO 9001:2015
for all its activities.

COFRA logo tests

COFRAC accreditation
Scope available on request

ITERG is certified by Ecocert Greenlife SAS, in accordance with the COSMOS standard, for its Services of:
- pressing of organic seeds,
- refining and deodorization of organic vegetable oils
- hydrogenation of organic vegetable oils
- grinding of organic materials
- deodorization of organic materials.

ISO22716:2007 certification Good Manufacturing Practices for cosmetic products.

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