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Chimie du végétal – Green chemistry

  • Biobased Symmetrical Fatty Amides for High Heat Deflection Temperature of Poly(l-lactide)-Based Materials
  • ACS Applied Polymer Materials – J. Rubinstein, E. Grau, P. Dole, G. Chollet, V. Coma, H. Cramail

  • Enantioselective Crystallization of Diglycerol Dicarbonate: Impact of the Microstructure on Polyhydroxyurethane Properties
    Macromolecular Rapid Communications – F. Magliozzi, A. Scali, G. Chollet, E. Grau, H. Cramail

  • Cross‐Linking of Polyesters Based on Fatty Acids
    European Journal of Lipid Science and technology, Vol. 121, n°11, 2019 – S. Dworakowska, C. Le Coz, […]
  • Benefit of the reactive extrusion in the course of polyhydroxyurethanes synthesis by aminolysis of cyclic carbonates
    ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering, 209 – F. Magliozzi, G. Chollet, E. Grau, H. Cramail
  • Synthesis and self-assembly of Xylan-based amphiphiles: from bio-based vesicles to antifungal properties.
    Biomacromolecules, vol. 20, n°1, 2019 – J. Rosselgong, M. Chemin, C. Cabral Almada, G. Hemery, J.M. Guigner, […]
  • Versatile cross-linked fatty acid-based polycarbonate networks obtained by thiol–ene coupling reaction
    RSC Advances, 2019, 9, p. 145-150 – P.L. Durand, G. Chollet, E. Grau, H. Cramail
  • Organogels from trehalose difatty ester amphiphiles.
  • Soft Matter, 2019 – G. Hibert, M. Fauquignon, JF Le Meins, D. Pintori, E Grau, S. Lecommandoux, […]