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Emerging trends in olive oil fraud and possible countermeasures
Qualite Securite des produits – 2021 Food control, 2021, vol. 124 – E. Casadei, E. Valli, F. Panni, J. Donarski, […]
Impact of Rapeseed and Soy Lecithin on Postprandial Lipid Metabolism, Bile Acid Profile and Gut Bacteria in Mice
Nutrition Sante – 2021 Molecular Nutrition Food Research, Mars 2021 – C. Robert, C. Buisson, F. Laugerette, H. Abrous, D. […]
INFOGEST inter-laboratory recommendations for assaying gastric and pancreatic lipases activities prior to in vitro digestion studies
Nutrition Sante – 2021 Journal of functional foods, vol. 82, 2021 – M M.L.Grundy, E Abrahamse, A Almgren, M Alminger, […]
Effect of increased levels of dietary alpha-linolenic acid on the n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid bioavailability and oxidative stress in rat
Nutrition Sante – 2021 British Journal of Nutrition, juin 2021 – L. Coüedelo, B. Buaud, I. Chamekh-Coelho, H. Abrous
Predicting the retinal content in omega-3 fatty acids for age-related macular-degeneration
Nutrition Sante – 2021 Clinical Translational Medicine, vol. 11, n°7, 2021 – N. Acar, Merle BMJ, Ajana S, He Z, […]
Performance testing of new artificial olfactory reference materials in virgin olive oil sensory assessment
Analyse – International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science, 2021 – S. Barbieri, R. Aparicio-Ruiz, K. Brkic Bubola, M. Bucar-Miklavcic, […]
Les acides gras de l’alimentation en tant que modulateurs de notre microbiote intestinal
Nutrition Sante – 2021 IAA, mai-juin 2021 – B. Buaud, J. Van De Weghe, L. Couëdelo, C. Vaysse, M. Urdaci
Alignment and Proficiency of Virgin Olive Oil Sensory Panels: The OLEUM Approach
Thématique : Analyse   –    Auteur(s) : S.Barbieri, K. Brkic Bubola, A. Bendini , M. Bucar-Miklavcic , F. Lacoste, U. […]
Comment les graisses que nous consommons modulent-elles notre immunité ?
Thématique : Nutrition Santé   –    Auteur(s) : B. BUAUD Référence : OCL, Vol.27, 2020
Effects of saffron extract supplementation on mood, well-being and response to a psychosocial stressor in healthy adults: a randomised, double blind, parallel group, clinical trial.
Nutrition Sante – 2020 Frontiers in nutrition, 2020 – P.A Jakson, J. Forster, J. Khan, C. Pouchieu, S. Dubreuil, D. […]
Les lécithines végétales : aperçu des connaissances quant à leurs impacts métaboliques
Nutrition Sante – 2020 Lipid’Nutri+, n°42, janvier-février 2020 – C. Robert, M.C. Michalski
L’amélioration de la performance environnementale globale par l’évaluation environnementale
Environnement – Securite industrielle – 2020 IAA, vol. 137, n°69, 2020 – F. Bosque, E. Adoir, A. Besnier, L. Farrant, […]
Intestinal bioavailability of n-3 long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids influenced by the supramolecular form of phospholipids
Nutrition Sante – 2020 Food & Function, vol. 11, n°2, 2020, p. 1721-1728 – A. Sehl, L. Couëdelo, C. Vaysse, […]
Alignment and Proficiency of Virgin Olive Oil Sensory Panels: The OLEUM Approach
Analyse – Foods, vol. 9, n°3 – S.Barbieri, K. Brkic Bubola, A. Bendini , M. Bucar-Miklavcic , F. Lacoste, U. […]
Silicon-Based Optoelectronic Tongue for Label-Free and Nonspecific Recognition of Vegetable Oil
Analyse – ACS Omega, vol. 5, 2020, p. 5638-5642 – Bohdan V. Oliinyk, Karyna Isaieva, Anton I. Manilov, Tetyana Nychyporuk, […]
Pickering emulsions stabilized by various plant materials: Cocoa, rapeseed press cake and lupin hulls
Formulation – 2020 LWT, vol. 130, 2020 – C. JOSEPH, R. SAVOIRE, C. HARSCOAT-SCHIAVO, D. PINTORI, J. MONTEIL, C. FAURE, […]