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Transfatty Acids (TFAs) in Cord Blood and Cord Tissue, in France
Nutrition Sante – 2017 Journal of Food Science and Engineering 7 (2017) 413-422 – C. Billeaud, N. Combe, L. Couëdelo, […]
Ring opening of epoxidized methyl or ethyl oleate by alkyl glycosides
Lipochimie – 2017 European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology, n°7, 2016 – C. EPOUNE LIGOME, B. GADENNE, C. ALFOS, […]
ADMET polymerization of α,ω-unsaturated glycolipids : synthesis and physico-chemical properties of the resulting polymers
Lipochimie – 2017 Polymer Chemistry, 2017 – G. Hibert, E. Grau, D. Pintori, S. Lecommandoux, H. Cramail
Bleaching Earths as Powerful Additives for Ru-Catalyzed Self-Metathesis of Non Refined Methyl Oleate at Pilot Scale.
Lipochimie – 2017 Chemistry – A European Journal – J Allard, I. Curbet, G. Chollet, F. Tripoteau, S. Sambou, F. […]
Hyperbranched polyesters by polycondensation of fatty acid-based ABn-type monomers
Lipochimie – 2017 Green Chemistry, vol. 19, 2017 – B. Testud, D. Pintori, E. Grau, D. Taton, H. Cramail
Soybean polar lipids differently impact adipose tissue inflammation and the endotoxin transporters LBP and sCD14 in flaxseed vs palm oil-rich diets
Nutrition Sante – 2017 Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, vol.43, mai 2017, p. 116-124 – Lecomte M, Couëdelo M, Meugnier E, […]
Matrice lipidique et biodisponibilité de l'acide-alpha linolénique.
Nutrition Sante – 2017 OCL, 2017 – L. Couëdelo, A. Termon, C. Vaysse
Plasma long-chain omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and macular pigment in subjects with family history of age-related macular degeneration: the Limpia Study.
Nutrition Sante – 2017 Acta Ophthalmol. 2017 vol. 95, n°8 – B.M. Merle, B. Buaud, J.F. Korobelnik, A. Bron, M.N. […]
Effects of Maternal Supplementation With Omega-3 Precursors on Human Milk Composition
Nutrition Sante – 2017 Journal of Human Lactation, vol. 33, n°2, 2017, p. 319-328 – E. Mazurier, V. Rigourd, P. […]
Amélioration des troubles métaboliques chez une population très âgée hospitalisée : bénéfices de l’huile de colza (données de l’étude ALPHALINOLÉNAGE)
Nutrition Sante – 2017 Lipid’Nutri+, n°36, Décembre 2017-janvier 2018 – Nicole Combe, Olivier Henry, Carole Vaysse, Carlos Lopez, Fathi Driss, […]
Enriched dairy fat matrix diet prevents early life lipopolysaccharide-induced spatial memory impairment at adulthood
Nutrition Sante – 2016 Prostaglandins, leukotrienes and essential fatty acids, vol. 113, 2016, p. 9-18 – A.L. Dine, C. Rey, […]
Slowing down fat digestion and absorption by oxadiazolone inhibitor targeting selectively gastric lipolysis
Nutrition Sante – 2016 European journal of Medicinal Chemistry, vol. 123, 2016, p. 834-848 – V. Point, A. Bénarouche, J. […]
International validation of the determination of saturated hydrocarbon mineral oil in vegetable oils
Qualite Securite des produits – 2016 European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology, n°3, 2016, p. 373-381 – F. LACOSTE
Lessons from ten years of an interprofessional survey plan on oilseeds food safety
Qualite Securite des produits – 2016 19th International Sunflower Conference, Edirne, Turquey, 29 mai-3 juin 2016 – Dauguet S., Lacoste […]
Activated lipidic cyclic carbonates for non-isocyanate polyurethane synthesis
Lipochimie – 2016 Polymer Chemistry, 2016 – O. Lamarzelle, P.L. Durand, A.L. Wirotius, G. Chollet, E. Grau, H. Cramail
Micronutrients in vegetable oils: The impact of crushing and refining processes on vitamins and antioxidants in sunflower, rapeseed, and soybean oils
Technologie – 2016 European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology, 2016, p. 680-697 – F. FINE, C. BROCHET, M. GAUD, […]
Periodate oxidation of 4-O-methylglucuronoxylans: influence of the reaction conditions
Lipochimie – 2016 Carbohydrate Polymers, 2016 – M. CHEMIN, A. RAKOTOVELO, F. HAM-PICHAVANT, G. CHOLLET, D. DA SILVA PEREZ, M. […]
Impact des procédés de fabrication des huiles végétales sur les micronutriments d’intérêt
Technologie – 2016 Lipid’Nutri+ n°29 – Mars – Avril 2016 – J. Regis, F. Joffre, F. Fine
Palm Oil DeodorizerDistillates as Toughening agent in Poly(lactide) Packaging Films
Lipochimie – 2016 Polymer international, 2016 – A. Ruellan, V. Ducruet, A. Gratia, L. Saelices Jimenez, A. Guinault, C. Sollogoub, […]