Concerning your dispersed systems, you wish to

Formulating and optimizing stability

Texturizing naturally or substituting an ingredient

Encapsulating a bioactive compound

Formulating with vegetable proteins


Optimizing the functionality of fats

Support in characterizing
and optimizing the properties of your formulas via


  • The fatty phase: nature and quality, properties, quantity
  • Stabilisers: nature, proportion and implementation
  • The manufacturing process

Our research themes

  • Stabilization of emulsions with vegetable powders (Pickering emulsions)
  • Emulsifying and dispersing properties of bio-based polymers
  • Evaluation of the digestibility of nutrients of interest according to their formulation, and consequences on their fate in the body

In relation to application constraints

(industrial transposition, regulation, end use, economic reality)

Sectors concerned:

  • Food and feed
  • Cosmetics
  • Plant protection and nutrition


Types of formulas:
Aqueous or oily emulsions and dispersions, fluid, thick, solid.

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