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Redispersible dry emulsions stabilized by plant material: Rapeseed press-cake or cocoa powder
Formulation – 2019 LWT, vol. 113, 2019, – C. Joseph, R. Savoire, C. Harscoat-Schiavo, D. Pintori, J. Monteil, C. Faure, […]
Cross‐Linking of Polyesters Based on Fatty Acids
Lipochimie – 2019 European Journal of Lipid Science and technology, Vol. 121, n°11, 2019 – S. Dworakowska, C. Le Coz, […]
Benefit of the reactive extrusion in the course of polyhydroxyurethanes synthesis by aminolysis of cyclic carbonates
Lipochimie – 2019 ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering, 209 – F. Magliozzi, G. Chollet, E. Grau, H. Cramail
Synthesis and self-assembly of Xylan-based amphiphiles: from bio-based vesicles to antifungal properties.
Lipochimie – 2019 Biomacromolecules, vol. 20, n°1, 2019 – J. Rosselgong, M. Chemin, C. Cabral Almada, G. Hemery, J.M. Guigner, […]
Effects on Fatty Acid Metabolism of a New Powdered Human Milk Fortifier Containing Medium-Chain Triacylglycerols and Docosahexaenoic Acid in Preterm Infants.
Nutrition Sante – 2018 Nutrients 2018, 10(6), 690 – C. Billeaud, C. Boué-Vaysse, L. Couëdelo, P.Steenhout, J. Jaeger, C.Cruz-Hernandez, L. […]
Les acides gras polyinsaturés n-3, modulateurs de notre immunité
Nutrition Sante – 2018 Lipid’Nutri+, septembre-octobre 2018, n°38 – BUAUD B
Dietary n-3 long chain PUFA supplementation promotes a pro-resolving oxylipin profile in the brain
Nutrition Sante – 2018 Brain, Behavior and Immunity, 2018 – C.Reya, J.C.Delpech, C.Madored,Nadjar, A.D.Greenhalgh, C.Amadieu, A.Aubert, V.Pallet, C.Vaysse, S.Layé, C.Joffre
Evaluation de la durabilité de la filière Indication Géographique Protégée « Canard à foie gras du Sud-Ouest »
Environnement – Securite industrielle – 2018 INRA Productions animales, vol. 31, n°2, 2018, p. 131-144 – L. Farrant, M.P. Labau, […]
Simple and Efficient Approach toward Photosensitive Biobased Aliphatic Polycarbonate Materials
Lipochimie – 2018 ACS Macro Letters, vol. 7, n°2, 2018, p. 250-254 – P.L Durand, A. Brege, G. Chollet
A critical assessment of transmethylation procedures for n-3 long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acid quantification of lipid classes
Nutrition Sante – 2018 Food Chemistry, vol. 251, 2018 – A. Sehl, L. Couëdelo, L. Fonseca, C. Vaysse, M. Cansell
Hospital Diet Enriched With Rapeseed or Sunflower Oils Is Associated With a Decrease in Plasma 16:1n-7 and Some Metabolic Disorders in the Elderly.
Nutrition Sante – 2018 Lipids, 2018 – Combe N, Henry O, Lopez C, Vaysse C, Fonseca I, Ribaud D, Driss […]
Dietary canolol protects the heart against the deleterious effects induced by the association of rapeseed oil, vitamin E and coenzyme Q10 in the context of a high-fat diet
Nutrition Sante – 2018 Nutrition & Metabolism, 2018 – Thibault Leger, Isabelle Hininger-Favier, Frédéric Capel, Alain Geloen, Jean-Paul Rigaudière, Chrystèle […]
Rapeseed oil fortified with micronutrients can reduce glucose intolerance during a high fat challenge in rats
Nutrition Sante – 2018 Nutrition & Metabolism, vol. 15, 2018, 12 p. – F. Capel, A. Geloen, C. Vaysse, G. […]
Nutrition Sante – 2018 J Aging Res Clin Practice 2018;7:69-74 – B. Buaud, J. Tressou, P. Guesnet, N. Simon, S. […]
A New High Hydrostatic Pressure Process to Assure the Microbial Safety of Human Milk While Preserving the Biological Activity of Its Main Components
Nutrition Sante – 2018 Frontiers in public health, novembre 2018 – G. Demazeau, A. Plumecocq, P. Lehours, P. Martin, L. […]
Acute effects of milk polar lipids on intestinal tight junction expression: Towards an impact of sphingomyelin through the regulation of IL-8 secretion?
Nutrition Sante – 2018 The Journal of Nutritional biochemistry, 2018 – M. Milard, A. Penhoat, A. Durand, C. Buisson, E. […]
Inadequate daily intakes of n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) in the general French population of children (3-10 years) and adolescents (11-17 years): the INCA2 survey
Nutrition Sante – 2018 European Journal of Nutrition, vol. 58, n°2, 2019 – P. Guesnet, J. Tressou, B. Buaud, N. […]