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Because the world is changing, the vegetable oil and protein sector is innovating,
regulations are changing.

With our offer Membership stay informed and benefit from the best expertise.


ITERG provides companies with the means and skills to enable them to innovate, create value and strengthen their competitiveness.

Subscribe to the membership offerensures that you will always be at the heart of the latest developments in the oils and proteins sector, up to date with innovations and in compliance with regulations.

We propose 2 offers adapted to your needs.

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Our services and Services

All our Services products are in the field of fats, vegetable proteins or both.
Depending on the products and your needs, you can choose one or the other, or both.

Questions/Answers - Technical support
  • DISCOVERY | PREMIUM Questions and answers
    Being a member allows you to benefit from ITERG's expertise on various subjects related to vegetable oils and proteins: regulatory, economic, analytical, nutritional information...
    Who answers? ITERG's Information Watch and Communication Unit, with the assistance, if necessary, of an expert from the Institute to complete the response and/or to put you in contact with others.
    How long does it take? An immediate response to the request within an average of 2 days. If the answer requires more in-depth research, we will offer you an additional response time.
    What resources do we have at our disposal? The service has its own collection and database of documents as well as access to international databases, scientific publications, press articles and patents.


  • PREMIUM | Technical support (1 half-day/year)
    Depending on the needs expressed, ITERG offers to identify internal skills and, during a one-day meeting on our site, to conduct a joint reflection on a problem and propose solutions for supporting our services.
Socio-economic news
  • DISCOVERY | PREMIUM Press panoramas (weekly)
    Each week, receive by e-mail the news in the field of fats and/or proteins with a link to the source press article.


  • PREMIUM | Economic panoramas
    2/year "vegetable oils" panoramas : oilseed and olive oils - production, consumption, France/EU/World
    2/year panoramas "vegetable proteins" : meal oilseeds and pulses - production, consumption, France/EU/World
Regulatory watch
  • PREMIUM | Regulatory Alerts (daily)
    Daily information (Monday to Friday) on new regulations and official notices (France and EU) in the field of fats and vegetable proteins.


  • DECOUVERY | PREMIUM Veilles Environnement (3/year)
    Veilles réalisées tous les trimestres par l'Unité environnement et éco-industries qui sélectionne et commente, l'actualité des lois, décrets et arrêtés relatifs à la législation des installations classées pour la protection de l'environnement, ainsi que la jurisprudence.
Scientific and technical monitoring
  • DISCOVERY | PREMIUM Thematic watch (3/year)
    Produced quarterly by the Information and Communication Watch Unit, which selects new scientific publications related to oils and/or proteins for the food, cosmetics, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, classified by theme: Analysis-Quality, Technologies-Biotechnologies, Nutrition-Metabolism, Environment-Green Chemistry.
  • PREMIUM | Patent watch (2/month)
    Bimonthly patent watch, carried out by the Information and Communication Watch Unit on the field of vegetable oils and/or proteins.
Preferential rates


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