About us

Who are we?

ITERG is the Centre Technique Industriel (CTI) for the fats and related products industries: vegetable oils, vegetable proteins, minor compounds and derivatives of these products.


Based in Canéjan, ITERG brings together 95 employees on a single site, 80% of whom are scientific and technical staff working on the following platforms Green chemistry, Crushing and refining workshops, Analysis laboratoriesAnalysis Nutrition and Formulationand environmentalenvironmental consultancies.


Whether your project involves specific analytical requirements, large-scale production needs, in-depth studies on formulation, nutrition and/or environmental considerations, our teams can work in synergy at every phase of the project.

What is CTI?

CTIs are technology institutes serving their industries and sectors, with missions focused on technological development and innovation.

The CTI Network brings together the 14 CTIs and CPDEs (Industrial Technical Centers and Professional Economic Development Committees), key players in the competitiveness of French industry.

ITCs meet a number of business challenges:

  • Helping workshops and plants move upmarket
  • Bringing innovative products to market faster
  • Train and support teams to adapt to new technologies
  • Facilitate the demonstration and adaptation of technological bricks or new equipment.
  • Participate in European and international standardization work.

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ITERG meets the scientific, technological and regulatory challenges facing companies producing and processing vegetable oils, while gradually extending its scope to include plant proteins.

ITERG's strategy is to accelerate the digital, environmental and food transitions in the vegetable oil and protein sector:

  • Digital transition and the factory of the future

- Vegetable oil and protein biorefinery: replace or reduce the use of solvents, cut energy consumption by 40% and improve the quality of processed products.

  • Ecological transition and bioeconomy

- Eco-design and life-cycle inventory databases, calculation tools, methods and standards.

- Molecules derived from vegetable oils and proteins, upmarket oleochemical derivatives.

  • Food transition

- Adapting the food use of plant oils and proteins to societal expectations: food safety, development of reference methods (undesirables and metabolites of interest), health and functional nutrition (plant oils and proteins), formulation.

Our strategy is based on 3 principles:


Meet the expectations of industrial producers and processors of vegetable oils and proteins through actions of collective interest.


Deploy innovation and transfer capabilities in the agri-food and bio-based sectors, as well as in...


... Services services in ITERG's specialist fields, contributing to the Institute's financial autonomy.

Professional equality for women and men:
In accordance with the provisions of the Avenir Professionnel law of September 5, 2018 and the decree of January 8, 2019,
ITERG has carried out its diagnosis of equal pay for women and men for 2024, based on 2023 data, and obtained a score of 90 points out of 100.

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The ITERG Group

At the end of 2020, ITERG acquired a 92.2% stake in SAS IMPROVE, a European platform dedicated to plant Proteins enhancement . ITERG thus forms a group comprising the Centre Technique Industriel and SAS IMPROVE, and becomes a key player in applied research in the plant oil and protein sector.
The ITERG Group helps companies to progress along the path of ecological transition, biorefinery and, more generally, the Factory of the Future. It covers the entire value chain right up to the formulated product, aiming for functional, organoleptic, nutritional and environmental excellence.

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We're deeply committed!

  • For a healthier world and eco-friendly
  • For a more competitive industry from upstream to downstream

We meet society's expectations for sustainable, healthy economic development with reduced environmental impact, through a team of experts, high-performance facilities and the services we provide to businesses.

In our corporate film, Denis CHEREAU outlines our expanded ambitions around an ITERG alliance, SAS IMPROVE and SAS PIVERT, in the fields of Green Chemistry and Biotechnology.