The ITERG Group

Who are we?


An Industrial Technical Center (ITC), French Institut for Fats, Oils and Related Products, in Canejan (FRANCE) and its subsidiary IMPROVE, dedicated to the valorisation of vegetable proteins, in Dury (FRANCE).

These two entities create a unique group, leader in the valorization of lipids and proteins, at the service of the agricultural and agro-industrial sector, in line with the expectations of the industry.


" We reveal the potential of vegetable oils and proteins through natural ingredients, good for humans and the planet, thanks to efficient Research, Development & Innovation services and eco-friendly processes. "

ITERG participates in the development of the fats and related products industries : fats, vegetable oils and oil co-products, vegetable proteins and minor compounds derived from these products.

ITERG provides companies with skills and infrastructures for Production, Research and Expertise: Analysis, Crushing/Refining, Green chemistry, Health Nutrition, Environment.

It contributes to the creation of value and the competitiveness of the industrial fabric, from upstream to downstream.


IMPROVE SAS has pilot equipment (kg scale) enabling the development and scaling up of processes, the production of samples, and a complete analytical centre enabling the full characterization of the products developed (in particular protein and amino acid composition, composition of anti-nutritional factors and content of other compounds of interest, functional properties, biological properties, etc.).

With its subsidiary IMPROVE, ITERG adds to its expertise in oils and fats the valorisation of the protein fraction of agro-resources. The synergy of skills and expertise thus created enables the optimisation of the uses of all fractions, products and co-products from these agro-resources.


ITERG Group, helps companies to progress towards the ecological transition, biorefinery 
and more generally the Factory of the Future.
It covers the entire value chain up to the formulated product, aiming for functional, organoleptic, nutritional and environmental excellence

The services offered by ITERG Group

- Analysis of raw materials and ingredients (physico-chemical, functional and sensory characterisation)
- Qualification of lipid and protein matrices for nutritional use, development of formulations
- R&D of high-performance, eco-friendly processes and products/ingredients of superior functional and nutritional quality
- Industrialization from kg to tonne and contract production
- Professional Training, auditing and consultancy / technology watch and benchmarking
- Development and licensing of clean and innovative technologies

From Laboratory to Pilot

  • Pre-treatments
  • Dry and wet fractionning
  • Solvent and solventless extraction
  • Green chemistry
  • Separation
  • Post-treatment and functionalization

Industrial scale

  • Audit and process improvement
  • Seed pressure
  • Oil refining
  • Development and production contracts - from kg to ton
  • Industrialization phases
  • Start up

Biosourced formulation

  • Formulation of biobased food and cosmetic ingredients
  • Pickering emulsions
  • Sensory analysis
  • Prototypes


Analytical Expertise

- Composition
- Alteration / Contamination
- Physical and functional properties
- Sensory analysis
- Characterization of co-products

Health Nutrition & Biochemistry

  • Nutritional properties
  • Digestibility studies
  • Blood marker analysis
  • Anti-nutritional factors
  • Monitoring the nutritional value of fats and proteins


Studies Consulting Watch

  • Audit consulting
  • Vegetable oils and proteins sector watch
  • Professional Training
  • Support for market launch
  • Life cycle assessment
  • Environmental studies


Our means


A strike force of 120 people
( 97 from ITERG + 29 from IMPROVE SAS).

Professional Equality Women-Men:
In accordance with what is provided for in the Professional Future law of September 5, 2018 and the decree of January 8, 2019, ITERG has carried out its diagnosis in terms of equal pay between women and men for the year 2022.

Discover the indicators

Our 6 platforms

- Analytical & functional/sensory performance: with specialities oils and fats in Canejan, proteins in Dury

- Health Nutrition: Canéjan

- Application formulation from oils and proteins : cosmetics, food, feed, crop protection in Canejan, Dairy/Meat alternatives in Dury

- Oil Extraction and Refining: Canéjan

- Green chemistry: Canéjan

- Dry/wet route extraction and protein functionalisation : Dury


Our markets