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Vegetable oils and fats training

You would like to :

  • perfect your knowledge of vegetable oils, fats and minor compounds,
  • understand sensory analysis to assess the quality and organoleptic properties of products.
  • boost your skills development plan to stay at the cutting edge of your field
  • control deterioration phenomena to extend the life and guarantee the quality of your lipid matrices.

Professional Training Specialized

Designed to meet the specific challenges of the sector, our Professional Training courses are aimed at all professionals wishing to deepen their skills and knowledge in the field of oils, fats and derivatives.

Adaptive Modules and Distance Learning

Our training offer is both diversified and flexible, and is broken down into different modules, available in both face-to-face and distance learning sessions. These modules are designed to be easily combinable, enabling complete customization according to the specific needs of your company and business sector.

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Our vegetable oils and fats customized training courses

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We have solutions TRAINING solutions for you!
Customized in-company courses, on your site or on ITERG premises.


All of ITERG's Professional Training on-site courses are accessible to people with disabilities (Referent: Nathalie HERVY). An accessibility map will be made available where appropriate.


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Examples of thematics :

  • General knowledge of fats and oils
  • Nutritional benefits of fats
  • Fat technology
  • Environment (LCA, Bilan Carbone) / Industrial safety (ATEX zoning)
  • Analysis and quality control of oils and fats
  • Rheology and characterization techniques
  • Bio-sourced products, technical uses (non-food) of fats and their derivatives
  • Regulatory and normative frameworks, labelling, claims

Our vegetable oils and fats inter-company courses

ITERG offers continuous, inter-company training courses in oils and fats, designed for professionals in the sectors that produce and use oils, fats and derivatives for food and non-food applications.

Involving specialist trainers - Engineers & Technicians from the Centre, Industry and teachers (partnership with ENSMAC - Bordeaux INP Aquitaine) - they enable trainees to acquire and/or deepen their knowledge of fatty materials in line with the needs of their business sector.

Our next Professional Training oils and fats

Composition and properties of the oils

June 18 to 20, 2024


  • Acquire or deepen your knowledge of oils,
  • Better understand their diversity in terms of constituents and categories,
  • Integrate their regulatory and standards framework.

Topics covered :

The composition of oils, their constituents, the regulatory and normative framework.

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    • Technical expertise: in-depth knowledge of industrial fields, provided by experienced engineers and technicians.
    • Knowledge update: Professional Training based on the latest technological advances and current industry standards.
    • Multidisciplinary approach: Integrating multiple fields for a global and innovative vision of industrial challenges.


    • Our commitment to customer satisfaction is our top priority, translating into quality analytical services and lasting relationships built on trust.
    • Adaptability and Flexibility: ability to adapt to changing industry needs, offering flexible and scalable Professional Training .
    • Close collaboration with companies, establishing a strong partnership to ensure the success of Professional Training.


    • Customized training: The ability to design customized programs, combining modules to meet specific company needs.
    • Interactive pedagogy: Use of interactive, practical teaching methods geared to the practical application of knowledge.
    • Individualized support: personalized supervision and attentive monitoring of learners to ensure their success.

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    Why trust us?




    Our procedure for handling customer complaints is available on request from your usual contacts.

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