ITERG launches a call for tenders on the Services services " Provident and Health Expenses (mutual insurance)

Within the framework of a formalized open procedure published on the WAMA platform, ITERG is launching a call for tenders for auditing assignments.
The rules of consultation as well as the consultation file are exclusively downloadable from the WAPA platform, the deadline for submitting your applications is set at 14/11/2022 12:00.
All questions or additional information should be sent through the WAPA platform.
The consultation file is available electronically on the buyer profile: https: //

Presentation of ITERG

ITERG operates at the crossroads between research and transfer on the one hand, and between the public domain and the private industrial sector on the other.
As an Industrial Technical Centre, ITERG's mission is to promote and organise studies in the field of fats and related products, responding to the general interest concerns of the primary processing industries producing vegetable oils, margarines, fats of animal origin, and those involved in the field of lipochemistry. ITERG's areas of expertise include the analysis of oils and fats, lipid nutrition, lipochemistry and the technology of obtaining and processing fats.