The vegetable oil industry presents the ACéVOIL environmental assessment tool available free of charge online


The oilseed industry is committed to sustainable development, to help improve human nutrition and preserve the planet. This commitment involves assessing the environmental impact of the various stages in the life cycle of the oils produced, and the oilseed industry has therefore decided to make a product and process assessment tool available to producers and users of vegetable oils. The aim is to make it easier to understand the industry's impact, and to analyze the scope for progress in certain areas, with a view to eco-design and transparency for customers and consumers.

This tool was developed by ITERG at the request and with the support of Terres Univia, the oilseed and protein crop interprofessional organization. It enables life cycle analyses (LCA) to be carried out in compliance with the ISO 14040 series of standards. It is also built in line with the methodological rules developed by the vegetable oil sector as part of the ACéVOL project, and included in the methodological reference guide for carrying out LCAs in the vegetable oil sector (downloadable with the tool).

This computer tool can be applied to the assessment of the environmental impacts of vegetable oils derived from the processing of oilseeds (sunflower, rapeseed, soybean) and food products formulated with vegetable oil.

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